If you’re looking for medical alert products… you’ve come to the right place!

Medical alert products like Lifestation, Freedom Alert, and Medical IDs

are more useful, high tech, and stylish than ever. Would you like to know what kinds are available, of the best quality, and right for you?

Here at Medicalalert123.com, you’ll find information about 3 important areas of the medical alert world:

1) Monitored medical alert products like Lifestation.

Lifestation is a monitored product with an excellent service at a reasonable price. To learn more about Lifestation, click on the banner below or on the subscription based medical alert devices menu link above!
medical alert subscription based product Lifestation

2) Un-Monitored medical alert products like Freedom Alert,

Freedom Alert is a medical alert product that does not require a monthly monitoring subscription and can be programmed to call whomever you’d like in a time of emergency. Additionally, Freedom Alert features a two way emergency pendant for added security!
Freedom Alert medical alert device


3) Medical ID Products and their benefits.

medical alert ID banner

Plus, you’ll find practical information on how to improve the quality of your life with our sections on tips for seniors in our Better Living For Seniors Section

Do you need Medical Alert Products?

You may be wondering if you or a loved one really needs medical alert products. You may be thinking that the idea is interesting but not necessary. What are reasons for needing these products and which ones are right for you? Those questions and more are what we want to answer here at MedicalAlert123.com.

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  1. For info about monitored medical alert systems, go to the Lifestation page here.
  2. For info about non-monitored medical alert systems, go to the FreedomAlert page here.
  3. For info about medical alert IDs and their benefits, go to the Medical ID Products page here.

For more info, you can check out the wikipedia info about medical alert too!

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