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Freedom Alert: Unmonitored medical alert system

If you’re looking for a medical alert system that does not require a monthly subscription, consider the Freedom Alert medical alert system. Although there are some benefits to a monitored medical alert system, there are also a couple of downsides:

Freedom Alert

1) Monthly cost.

Although there is no upfront cost associated with monitored medical alert systems, the subscription cost goes on indefinitely. If you’d like to instead pay for a system like Freedom Alert,  the cost is upfront, and you’ll break even after one year. From then on your system is paid for. That’s like having the system for free after the first year!

2) You don’t own the equipment.

For some, this is not a downside but for others the desire to own and have control of the equipment is more comfortable. For example, you won’t have to worry about being liable if you break something that does not belong to you.

Additionally, with Freedom Alert there are some pluses:

1) Freedom Alert’s exclusive two way transmitter:

Freedom Alert features a two way transmitter which can help you communicate with your emergency contact(s) more easily because your voice is transmitted via the microphone on your remote, somewhat like a walkie talkie or telephone. This means that even if you are on another floor of your home you won’t have to rely on being within range of the microphone on your base unit. You have a greater degree of security if your home is large or you have multiple floors. This is a feature that monitored medical alert systems do not have!

2) No monthly fees, setup fees or activation costs.

If you own your Freedom Alert system for 5 years, your cost is still the same as your purchase price: just under three hundred dollars. By comparison, 5 years of service with a monitored medical alert system would cost around $1740.00 ($29.00 x 12 months x 5 years)

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Freedom Alert: the best in unmonitored medical alert systems!

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